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Friday, January 19, 2007

Jade Shame....

2002 when Jade Goody was a contestant in the 3rd series of the UK version of Big Brother.

She got drunk and naked for fame.

Jade in Big Brother 2007

Jade Goody

Born in Bermondsey, London, Goody worked as a dental nurse before coming to public attention in 2002 when she was a contestant in the 3rd series of the UK version of Big Brother.

Goody was denounced in the British tabloid press for among other things threatening to "deck" (knock out) another contestant who claimed that Goody had a verruca (small lesions that appear on the sole of the foot) on her foot. More notoriously she displayed a high level of ignorance regarding basic general knowledge for a British native. Goody thought that the British city of Cambridge was in London. On being told that Cambridge is in East Anglia, or rather Goody's "East Angular", she assumed that this was abroad. Goody also believed that Saddam Hussein was a boxer. Fears were expressed that Goody would be physically attacked on leaving the Big Brother house.

She was voted 4th worst person in Britain in the poll 100 Worst Britons.

Since her first appearance on Big Brother she has earned an estimated £8 million fortune according to Channel Four, in other reality shows and appears almost constantly in celebrity, trivia, and gossip-oriented magazines such as heat and OK!. On January 5, 2007, Jade and her family returned to Big Brother, re-entering the house during Celebrity Big Brother.

I would say she is the only one who has manage to get such heights after coming out of the big brother house. She has sold books on her autobiography, sold videos on how to get slim (becox she was fat and ugly, and also got completely nude after getting drunk in her first Big Brother show), she's open beauty parlour and has a perfume selling named "Shsssss", which sells more then the perfume of Victoria Beckham and J Lo.

Good thing is that now everything is out of shelf and yesterday UK tv declared that they will no more support Jade Goody's things. I think she is back to her trash now. She deserve this becox she bullied and was racist to Shilpa.

Veiws on Shilpa

Gordon Brown has again waded into the Celebrity Big Brother racism row by urging viewers to back Shilpa Shetty to stay in the house, rather than Jade Goody.
The Chancellor, who is on a visit to India, told reporters a vote for Shilpa is a vote for Britain and British tolerance.

Shilpa in Big Brother...

The clips from Big Brother we watched were fascinating. It is so obvious that the reason for this row is envy. Shilpa is beautiful, talented and successful. They are nothing like her, so they want to hurt her.
There is an element of racism in some of the remarks, but I think it's only on the surface. That was the easiest way to hurt her. But the real reason is very simple: she is a strong competition, she has a better chance to win and they want her out.

Their behaviour is basic and cruel and I think the broadcaster should intervene and put an end to it. This has become a big story in the media and the issue has even been taken on a diplomatic level. It has been completely blown out of proportion. This

incident is not representative of the whole society and therefore such attention to it is not justified.

Just because she is Indian and the others are British doesn't mean anything. You cannot generalise. Maybe there is a problem at some level in British society, but the same goes for every other community.

Shilpa in Big Brother...

I live in London and watching Big Brother from day one and is just glued to the tele, Shilpa our beautiful lady was looking stunning when she arrived in the house and you could see that everybody in the house was jealous of her. Shilpa is continuing her dignity and status by just ignoring the argument with the bitch in the house (jade goody), I will tell you her story of fame later.

I was not her big fan before, but i am now when I have seen what a wonderful person she is from inside and a very beautiful soul. Shipa has a class and i was very much moved by her mother, the way she gave interview to BBC. She was so full of confidence about her daughter that she will survive with a dignity in the house, and boy she is right!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Friday the 13th, Afraid?

There’s so much fuss about Friday the 13th, some people are very superstitious about it but if you think, nobody tends to change the way they start there day, but if you ask people about it then they will pretend that this day really means a lot for them and that they are taking extra precautions on this day.
According to me everybody is so busy in there daily routines, that sometimes they don’t even remember that its Friday the 13th, a very special superstitious day unless they have been reminded of it.

Well I normally do believe in superstitions but today I am going to do a very important job, because I don’t have any other choice rather then doing it today or just forget about it. If I get success I will say I don’t believe in superstitions and if I failed then I guess I have to admit that Friday the 13th is really very unlucky.

So please guys wish me a luck and I promise If I get success I will tell you what my important job was about?

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I am a Virgo

My Sunsign is Virgo. So let me tell you what virgos are like...

Virgo as a woman

You are bashful, but you have all the necessary wiles and weapons, including a determination to pursue happiness. You seek romance, and commitment is an integral part of it. If you are in love, you go to any lengths to make sure it works. On the flip side, if you are in an unhappy relationship, you will snap the cords with ease.

You can be deadly practical and divinely romantic at the same time. You are a perfectionist, but not perfect yourself. You have your negative traits. You can be sickeningly prompt, and think that you are the best critic in the world.

Your easygoing nature makes you a reliable and steady sort. Your devotion also signals that you will work very hard to take any relationship far. You strive for the perfect relationship. You feel truly rewarded when the one you love is willing to give you time in the relationship. You are independent, and may seem cold on the outside, but your potent charms will merit a truly deserving partner.

You probably must be tired of hearing how beautiful you look. You wonder if something fishy is going on. Relax, it is just your diligent beauty regimen doing the trick. Your attention to detail is what keeps you looking smashing. One look at your cabinet, and you have a product for every feature there is! Good brands would probably name you customer of the year! You are brand loyal, and this is the secret of your appearance! Quality is your watchword, and you know exactly what you want.

You prefer light, feminine scents and soft, muted earth tones. Your greatest asset is your practical attitude and your self-assuredness. Now that is indeed a lethal combination!